• Getting started with behavior

    This toolbox contains 4 modules and over 6+ hours of video content. Here you learn some of the most fundamental ingredients you NEED to understand your animals behavior.

  • Shaping & teaching NEW behaviors

    This toolbox contains 6 modules, 6+ hours worth of video content and 3 seperate courses. Learn essential components required to successfully teach new behaviors.

  • Advanced concepts and tools

    8 modules with over 9+ hours worth of video. Here you will learn about advanced concepts including premack, group training, enrichment, problem solving and more.

  • Extra content & case studies

    This toolbox contains 5 modules, over 4.5 hours of video content, an entire course and archive ATA material. NEW modules are added to the ATA toolboxes every month!


  • Private Facebook group

    Here you can connect with the ATA community. Watch members training videos, ask questions, receive updates and discuss different training topics.

  • The Animal Training Academy forums.

    Hundreds of animal training videos from ATA's members and 1000's of posts problem solving challenging situations. Get started with your own training projects today.

  • LIVE members only web-classes

    Connect with Ryan, special guests & other ATA members twice a month via LIVE web-classes. Jam packed full of fun/educational videos & learning opportunities.

  • WhatsApp groups & support.

    Connect personally via text with Ryan Cartlidge and an international community of animal trainers via seperate groups for dogs, cats, birds, exotics, horses and more!





  •  Ben Silcock - Dog owner, NZ
    The content was perfect for me as a new puppy owner. I’ve read a lot of training books and taken advise from many people but this content explains the ‘why’ behind most of the training techniques. Having this core understanding is great, it gives me a lot more confidence dealing with my dog. Ryan presents information in a clear and easy to understand fashion. The video quality is really professional and interesting. Great, I would recommend it to anyone who wants a better understanding of animal behaviour and it’s perfect for new puppy parents. Thanks Ryan.
    Ben Silcock - Dog owner, NZ
  • Kelli Inglis [Wings, Paws and Claws] - Business owner/animal trainer, UK
    I love everything about Animal Training Academy. I've been a member for nearly a year now and it was such a good decision. Ryan is a fantastic mentor, the podcasts are inspiring, the forums are incredibly helpful and it's just such a good way to meet and connect with other trainers to give and receive such great advice.
    Kelli Inglis [Wings, Paws and Claws] - Business owner/animal trainer, UK


What is included in the content/community areas?

Your membership includes access to all of Animal Training Academy community touch points. Here you can ask questions, interact with other members and also search for answers to your training queries. Ryan Cartlidge and other animal training experts oversee these forums and are there to help. Animal Training Academy's content database is also growing monthly and you will be notified as new modules get added and updated. Paid members will have access to all content areas for the duration of their membership. 

What kinds of animals do you use to demonstrate your methods?

Positive reinforcement works with all species. Animals learn via the consequences of their behaviors and repeat the behaviors that help get them what that want and decrease the behaviors that don't. This is the essence of reinforcement (and punishment). Consequently, there's no limit to the species that may be included in the content on ATA and consequently you will see a very large diversity of species during your membership.

How does WhatsApp work?

You can download WhatsApp for free from your mobile device. Once downloaded it is free to continually use, all you have to pay for is the data. You can also now use WhatsApp on your computer. Using WhatsApp we can send videos, pictures, text and voice messages internationally between mobile devices. Once registered on ATA there is a video and instructions available to help you get set up and get the most value out if WhatsApp. Cut and paste the following link into your browser to find out more information

What does NZD mean in the price mentioned above?

The price of the course is currently set in (New Zealand Dollars) NZD. This is due to restrictions on payment gateway options in New Zealand. However, that is likely a very good thing for you. Here is a link for you to cut and paste which will take you to a currency converter tool Chances are the price will be much lower in your currency. Also, please check with your bank for other fees involved.

Why use positive reinforcement?

There's an old saying about there being two ways to train a donkey, use a carrot or a stick. Basically, use positive reinforcement (i.e the carrot) or positive punishment (i.e the stick). Science can teach us that both these techniques can work. However, science doesn't always teach us what techniques we "should" use. When Training our animals, results aren't enough. We have to teach our animals that their behavior matters. Positive reinforcement is the best way I know to do this. Positive reinforcement helps empower both us and our animals helping to build a trusting relationship. It is the most ethical and best practice method for modifying behavior.

What is your refund policy and what happens after the trial?

After the 10 day trial, you will automatically go into a monthly membership. However, you may cancel your trial at any time and still retain the full 10 days access. You can also get a full 100% no questions asked refund on your first month's payment if you are not happy with your membership in any way shape or form. Refunds are only available during the first month of membership.

  • Bonnie Wilkins - Zoo keeper; Kiwi Bird Life Park, Queenstown NZ
    As a zoo keeper, who just started working in the industry this membership has explained so much about the animals that I care for everyday. There are some major behavioral challenges that we have been having with some of the animals at our work and I'm so excited to be able to go back to work and bring some new ideas into how we can deal with these issues. Also the membership has really helped me with bob my dog and sooty my cat, I just taught her to high five!
    Bonnie Wilkins - Zoo keeper; Kiwi Bird Life Park, Queenstown NZ
  • Charlotte Haines - Animal Trainer; Bristol Zoo, UK
    ATA is a fundamental tool in the Animal training world. Not only is Ryan super helpful and supportive, he is passionate and unwavering in his desire to learn from others and help those at the beginning of their training career. A constant support and always on hand to help. I urge people whether you are just starting out or a veteran trainer to give ATA the chance to expand and learn even more about this ever changing ever adapting amazing world of animal training. Here at ATA you will become part of a growing network of likeminded passionate people across the world that are always on hand to help and offer advice on any situation!
    Charlotte Haines - Animal Trainer; Bristol Zoo, UK
  • Salon Mead - Pet owner & Animal Keeper @ Somers School Camp, Melbourne Australia
    Becoming a member of ATA has been the best thing I've done in ages. I am learning so much, am inspired by the podcasts, and have achieved training goals with my animals that I didn't think possible. The guidance that I've received from Ryan is second to none, and the online community of members is refreshingly positive and supportive.
    Salon Mead - Pet owner & Animal Keeper @ Somers School Camp, Melbourne Australia
  • Dipa Patel - Fox Valley wildlife centre manager, Illinois USA
    I found the podcast first and was so excited that this existed! I binge-listened to over a year's worth of podcasts to catch up. Becoming a member opens you up to so much information and support! You can share ideas and get valuable input from professionals around the world! Positive reinforcement begets positive reinforcement.
    Dipa Patel - Fox Valley wildlife centre manager, Illinois USA
  • Jacquie Humphrey - Professional dog trainer; Dog logics training centre; Perth Australia
    What a wonderful opportunity to be involved in learning across a broad field of trainers from around the world covering their methods and ideas used in training a huge range of animals and from ones own desk. I think Ryan has put a truly great idea together which lets people from many walks of the positive training paths around the world get in touch, learn and share ideas and experience. Ryan's boundless energy is like a magnet compelling members to widen their view on training and to explore positive ways of training what ever animal (s) they may be involved with. Be confident enough to allow flexibility in how we are training depending on the response we are getting from our fur/feather/scale pupils. Brilliant stuff Ryan!
    Jacquie Humphrey - Professional dog trainer; Dog logics training centre; Perth Australia

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